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About us
Welcome to our website

Company Studio 77 was founded in 2007. Quality of our work, experience and knowledge enabled us to work with many clients from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, etc.

We are proud of the large number of renowned domestic and foreign companies and brands with whom we have worked. Some of them are Opel, Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Handy, Mercedes, Pizza Hut, Fiat, Samsic, Freyssinet, Husqvarna, Matrix, DAES, Adria Media Group, Hit Auto, Kit Commerce, APS Aviation, Auto Line, Palisad.

Creative team at Studio77 successfully keeps track of, and actively applies and implements all the changes in the newest marketing techniques and solutions. Let us make a champions and market leaders out of your firm.

Trust in us and you will become the best in your industry.

Business trends | In 2021, the percentage of our clients:
coming from abroad
requiring SEO services and positioning of a web site on Google
requiring the production of responsive web site
operating only on the Internet
requiring the production of custom web site

Our services

What we offer?

Every brand requires unique approach and different positioning strategy in the market. Brand development and positioning in today’s business must include online as well as offline resources and marketing instruments. We are here to create and implement an appropriate strategy for brand positioning. We are specialized for the promotion and positioning of the brands on the Internet, as well as for the development and implementation of all known online marketing techniques: SEO, Facebook campaigns, email marketing, AdWords advertising etc.

Site development and SEO

The development of modern responsive websites and their positioning on Google and other Internet search engines have significantly influenced the increase in the number of customers, turnover and profit of our clients. The results of our work are always measurable and available. Until today, we have managed to position more than 300 domestic and foreign brands on the first page of organic Google search. We are absolutely confident in our work and for all the above services we provide contract guarantees.


You need the most efficient way to place information on the market? That’s where we come in. The most important objective in today’s advertising is right and precise placement of information towards clearly defined and targeted clients. Smart traders and businessmen are thinking about advertising proactive and at least for one year in ahead. Our opinion is the same. Let us create your advertising strategy in digital and traditional environment for 2017 and 2018 starting from tomorrow.


You know nothing about e-marketing and it’s key elements and instruments? Today’s marketing is not based on one-way communication with customers anymore, because they want to comment and share positive or negative feedback. We perfectly know all the tools and instruments of modern marketing, and our results must be measureable.

SEO and website positioning
How to be the first on Google | Web design Belgrade

How to be the first on Google?

Want to be first on Google, but don’t know how? You are in the right place, because Studio 77 has done it several hundred times for clients in the Serbian and foreign markets.

To understand how complicated the process of positioning a website on the first page of Google’s organic search is, you must first understand what Google really is. Follow us patiently.

Which of our customers are on the first page or in the first place of Google search?

Studio 77 has dozens of clients in Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries, whose sites are the first on Google. Clients such as Rent a car DeltaRentGlass serviceHIT AUTOKryogas, , , , , , , , , , and many others are on the first pages and places of Google search for several hundred, and very often for several thousand input keywords. However, this is not easy and is not possible for all keywords. How can you be the first on Google?

Internet Marketing
Studio 77+ | Internet marketing | Belgrade

What is Internet marketing?

Television, press, magazines and newspapers, catalog sales and other traditional marketing tools will be used in the future, but those companies that ignore the advantages of using the Internet and direct marketing on this electronic network will almost certainly lose their competitive advantage. Internet marketing allows even companies that do not belong to the ranks of the big ones to internationalize their business and be competitive with business giants.

What is Internet marketing?

The term Internet marketing refers to the application of direct marketing on the Internet. Internet marketing is based on the use of the Internet and related services, as well as on the integration of this medium with traditional media, all with the aim of delivering the required products or services to online customers.

Internet marketing is the application of the Internet, accompanying digital technologies and services to achieve marketing goals.

The use of direct marketing on the Internet is a business concept similar to traditional marketing. However, the benefits offered by direct marketing on the Internet, on a daily basis, show the power of applying innovative technology and this electronic network in business.

Website development
Answers to 10 frequently asked questions regarding website development

Answers to 10 frequently asked questions regarding website development

In the 21st century world completely changed, the same way business has and it’s environment. Today, staff and employees are found, interviewed and hired over the internet. Customers are being targeted on the web and social networks that exist on the internet. People search for products and services on the internet. One can even buy a car over the internet, which was totally unimaginable 15 years ago. Internet has become a part of our everyday lives.

Is it sufficient to have any kind of website today?

Of course not, because today’s buyers want everything. They want to have complete information about products and services which they search for on the internet, as the key benefits of a certain purchase. Buyers want to find out other people’s experiences, which they search for on Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 40 billion webpages. Today’s buyers don’t want to pay one cent over the price they expect because they believe that they will get to information and prices of products and services they search for on the internet.

Business consulting
Web design Belgrade | Internet business

Starting a serious business on the Internet for 5,000 euros?

You have saved several thousand euros and want to start a certain business on the Internet. Now is the time to look for a software company and marketing agency that will help you realize your ingenious plan. You think that for a few thousand euros, a website can be created that, with "appropriate knowledge", will bring you several tens of thousands of euros on a monthly basis.

Is that really realistic?

How much money do you need to invest to earn a few thousand euros a month?

The Internet or e-business and sales are no different than any other business that can be started outside the Internet. As in any other business, the same rules apply to the Internet business: if the payback period of the investment is 4 years, it is considered that the business is successful. In rare cases and exclusively in the field of IT, it is possible to return the invested money in two years. So, if you want to earn 1,000 euros a month, then you should invest between 24,000-48,000 euros in that Internet business.

Virus Protection
Graphic design

SEO, production and positioning of websites
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Future Websites and projects
Future projects / Announced projects
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    Website redesign for Swiss car 365
  • Website redesign and maintenance for the Halk Bank
  • sion-net
    Website development and SEO for Sion net
  • Website development and SEO for Regrutuj me
  • Website development and SEO for Cadmus Cinema Budva

Latest projects
Latest works / All projects
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    Website development and SEO Towing service UnitrucExport
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    Website development and SEO for Data Revival
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    Website fast load for River fish
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    Website development and SEO for Infinity club
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New Projects of Studio 77+
Responsive design (HTML 5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery)
Advanced CMS module
Google Analytics installation
Weekly and monthly GA custom reports
Website optimization for fast load
Web Site - Restaurant Monument

Website for the international restaurant Monument, the largest restaurant group in Serbia. monument.rs

SEO package PREMIUM 549

Latest posts / All posts
Michael E. Porter in Belgrade, Business event of decade

We are proud to present future Balkan Business Forum with Professor Michael E. Porter as keynote speaker. The region’s largest gathering of copmanies and business minded professionals will be held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2019.

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Website development for the World famous pianist

To our great satisfaction, Studio 77 soon completes the creation of a new website for Ivo Pogorelic, the most famous and prominent Croatian pianist in the world.

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