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Every brand requires unique approach and different positioning strategy in the market. Brand development and positioning in today’s business must include online as well as offline resources and marketing instruments. We are here to create and implement an appropriate strategy for brand positioning. We are specialized for the promotion and positioning of the brands on the Internet, as well as for the development and implementation of all known online marketing techniques: SEO, Facebook campaigns, email marketing, AdWords advertising etc.

Site development and SEO

The development of modern responsive websites and their positioning on Google and other Internet search engines have significantly influenced the increase in the number of customers, turnover and profit of our clients. The results of our work are always measurable and available. Until today, we have managed to position more than 300 domestic and foreign brands on the first page of organic Google search. We are absolutely confident in our work and for all the above services we provide contract guarantees.


You need the most efficient way to place information on the market? That’s where we come in. The most important objective in today’s advertising is right and precise placement of information towards clearly defined and targeted clients. Smart traders and businessmen are thinking about advertising proactive and at least for one year in ahead. Our opinion is the same. Let us create your advertising strategy in digital and traditional environment for 2017 and 2018 starting from tomorrow.


You know nothing about e-marketing and it’s key elements and instruments? Today’s marketing is not based on one-way communication with customers anymore, because they want to comment and share positive or negative feedback. We perfectly know all the tools and instruments of modern marketing, and our results must be measureable.

Future Websites and projects
Future projects / Announced projects
  • Web design Beograd | Studio 77 | Portal Swiss Car 365
    Website redesign for Swiss car 365
  • Website redesign and maintenance for the Halk Bank
  • sion-net
    Website development and SEO for Sion net
  • Website development and SEO for Regrutuj me
  • Website development and SEO for Cadmus Cinema Budva

Latest projects
Latest works / All projects
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Unitruc Export
    Website development and SEO Towing service UnitrucExport
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Data revival
    Website development and SEO for Data Revival
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | River fish
    Website fast load for River fish
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Sailing and fishing Infinity club
    Website development and SEO for Infinity club
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Repromedica
    Google Ads and marketing consalting for ReproMedica
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Cellulite Expert
    Website development and SEO for Cellulite Expert

Web design Belgrade |

New Projects of Studio 77+
Responsive design (HTML 5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery)
Advanced CMS module
Google Analytics installation
Weekly and monthly GA custom reports
Website optimization for fast load
Web Site - Restaurant Monument

Website for the international restaurant Monument, the largest restaurant group in Serbia. monument.rs

SEO package PREMIUM 549

Latest posts / All posts
Michael E. Porter in Belgrade, Business event of decade

We are proud to present future Balkan Business Forum with Professor Michael E. Porter as keynote speaker. The region’s largest gathering of copmanies and business minded professionals will be held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2019.

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Website development for the World famous pianist

To our great satisfaction, Studio 77 soon completes the creation of a new website for Ivo Pogorelic, the most famous and prominent Croatian pianist in the world.

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