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Google AdWords campaign

Google AdWords campaign

What is Google AdWords and how it works?

As a largest internet search engine, Google offers payed ads via AdWords which is certainly one of the most efficient marketing tools in advertising.

AdWords is targeted advertising on Google and their partners’ websites that allows you to define the keywords and phrases which triger the ad and place you on the first page of Google search results. For example, a car rental company from Belgrade wants to be on Google’s first page in case one searches for „rent a car beograd“.

Therefore, AdWords campaign is targeted advertising on Google that gives a user the ability to define the keywords that he want to be displayed for an Google search page.

How do we manage you AdWords campaign

We create an AdWords account for managing your campaign and then create your AdWords ads.

Advertising campaign on Google is created based on online market, competition and key words.

We search for matching key words and phrases for your AdWords campaign.

One of the most important factors for successful AdWords are key words and phrases connected to your business for potential clients and customers that you use for drawing attention. Every day, thousands of words are searches for that are linked to your business. For successful AdWords campaign management, it is very important to find the right keywords nad phrases in the first place, that are linked to your business.

We know what online visitiors search for

Our goal is to guide as much online visitors as we can to your website, the ones that search for words and phrases that correspond to your business activities. Using Google’s AdWords platform, we always have an insight in what people search for online.

How can you acquire new customers using AdWords campaign?

Google AdWords camapings that we manage are directed towards precisely targeted market

Google has over 40 billion web pages in their database. Google offers a posibility to place ads on selected websites, portals and blogs within its network and company database as well as their partners’. With the right selection of keywords and phrases, price per click and other settings in AdWords campaign, we are able to direct the campaign to precisely targeted market.

We will fing potential buyers and customers for you

Using tools offered by Google, we constantly monitor the AdWords campaign and direct it to the right market toward potential buyers and customers.

Is AdWords measurable?

Results of our work are always measurable.

Results of managing AdWords campaign can easily be measured and tracked. Every week we send efficiency reports for AdWords campaign.

Do we provide warranty for managing AdWords campaign?

We guarantee for the performance of AdWords campaings we manage.

Thanks to professionals working for us, we guarantee that the AdWords campaign will improve your business. If not, we don’t charge for our services.

Thanks to the AdWords campaign, we can position your company on local, as well as globar market.

You choose the market, describe your potential customer and buyer, and we find the localy or globaly.

Can you stop the AdWords campaign?

Google AdWords campaign can be stopped at any time.

In case you are not satisfied with the results of an AdWords campaign, we will stop it or change it instantly.

How much money does one need to invest in AdWords and what is the price per click?

Google didn’t set the minimum investment for AdWords campaign for daily advertising.

There is no minimum amount for investing in Google AdWords, so you set it yourself. You can pay even only 10€.

As for payment per click, the is no recommended price for Google advertising. It depends on the activity of your competition, quality of managing the campaign and the quality of the website where the campaign is forwarded to. Price per click can vary from 0,01€ to 5€ per click.

Our services and prices are affordable.

Our prices depend on the number of AdWords campaigns we manage for you and the need for daily updates and tracking. For example, with tourist agencies, AdWords ads are updated, changes adjusted and tracked several times a day, thus the price is higher for managing these kinds of campaigns.

If you use our services, you will always be on the first page of Google search results

Regadless on the amount of money you would like to invest in Google ads, your website and AdWords campaign will always be on the Google’s first page for keywords and phrases that matter to you.


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