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What is Internet marketing?
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Television, press, magazines and newspapers, catalog sales and other traditional marketing tools will be used in the future, but those companies that ignore the advantages of using the Internet and direct marketing on this electronic network will almost certainly lose their competitive advantage. Internet marketing allows even companies that do not belong to the ranks of the big ones to internationalize their business and be competitive with business giants.

What is Internet marketing?

The term Internet marketing refers to the application of direct marketing on the Internet. Internet marketing is based on the use of the Internet and related services, as well as on the integration of this medium with traditional media, all with the aim of delivering the required products or services to online customers.

Internet marketing is the application of the Internet, accompanying digital technologies and services to achieve marketing goals.

The use of direct marketing on the Internet is a business concept similar to traditional marketing. However, the benefits offered by direct marketing on the Internet, on a daily basis, show the power of applying innovative technology and this electronic network in business.

Looking at the Internet as a means of communication and a medium for the distribution of information, we can conclude that this electronic network has greatly improved the basic techniques of direct marketing. On the Internet we can find applied traditional direct marketing techniques: electronic (direct) mail, websites, electronic catalogs, personalized portals, etc. Thanks to the digital environment and technology, these techniques have been greatly improved.

The explosive growth of the online population that buys goods and services over the Internet, has influenced the need to improve the traditional direct marketing techniques used on this electronic network, but also the emergence of new forms of techniques. The constant growth of the Internet population has influenced the growth of the volume of online transactions. Global revenues from the sale of goods and services via the Internet are constantly growing, which makes this electronic network the market of the future and forces today’s marketers to focus their marketing activities on Internet marketing.

Companies that apply Internet marketing must know the way in which the offer is structured and presented, ie the techniques of traditional (classic) marketing. These activities cannot be performed by computer equipment and software used by companies in their business, so company managers must know the traditional principles, principles and techniques of direct marketing.

Techniques of direct marketing on the Internet differ from the techniques of classical marketing in that the propaganda and advertising of products or services does not have to be followed by a "third party", ie. certain media such as radio, television, newspapers, etc. Instead, the seller prefers to communicate directly with the buyer through direct e-mail, electronic catalogs, online ads, etc.

The above facts clearly show that by applying Internet marketing, the seller can avoid the services of intermediaries who would advertise and promote the products or services of the seller. By avoiding intermediaries in the chain, the seller can significantly reduce marketing costs.

What activities does Internet marketing cover?

The term marketing encompasses much broader activities than advertising or product promotion. Marketing includes market research, product planning, sales planning, promotion, propaganda, measuring results, measuring the effectiveness of sales marketing, etc. The same goes for Internet marketing.

Therefore, Internet marketing must include activities related to Internet market research, sales planning, promotion and propaganda, measurement of results and analysis of marketing efficiency, etc.

What techniques are used in Internet marketing?

All services provided by the Internet enable the realization of Internet marketing. Internet services are e-mail, social networks, chat, search engines (search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

Our agency knows all Internet services perfectly and offers:

  • email marketing
  • social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • SEO and website positioning
  • content marketing
  • consulting services
  • pay per click (AdWords campaign)
  • Linkedin marketing

Does Studio 77 also provide services related to classic marketing?

Yes, of course we provide all services related to the term marketing. We know all the techniques used in marketing perfectly, whether it is classic (offline) or Internet (online) marketing.

How many agencies in Serbia are really engaged in marketing?

The answer to this question is quite complicated. When you ask experts in the so-called. marketing agencies to define the term marketing in one sentence, most emphasize that it is advertising or publicity. Unfortunately, that is not true.

Marketing involves much more serious activities and expertise that goes beyond the term "advertising".

The owner and founder of the Studio 77 agency has been involved in marketing for more than 20 years. If you want to see references and books he has written in this field, please see this link: Boris Knežević.

What are the advantages of using Internet marketing?

The advantages that direct marketing offers are reflected in the reduction of costs incurred by the application of traditional marketing (printed formats, flyers, catalogs, billboards, TV, radio, etc.), in more efficient marketing logistics, in facilitating the sales process, in the constant inflow of money in electronic or in cash form, etc. Its application achieves greater customer loyalty to a particular brand of product.

The key advantages of applying Internet marketing for companies that apply it are:

The results of the application of direct marketing on the Internet are directly measurable
The application of Internet marketing reduces the company’s costs
Internet marketing enables interactive communication between buyers and sellers
Internet marketing enables easy finding of the target market, use of technology that will enable data collection and formation of a database of potential customers.


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