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Book of standards


Of course. Unfortunately there are lot of firms in serbian market that do not know what a book of standards is.

Book of standards is a documents that defines and sets graphic and other standards regarding company’s visual identity.

Book of standards defines the following:

  • Standards and design for all of the company’s documents and promotional products, such as business cards, visual solutions for billboards etc.;
  • Proper way of using company’s logo;
  • Colours, fonts and letters;
  • Standards for business correspondence;
  • Standards for online promotions;
  • Standards for photographing promotional products and materials etc.


If you consider your business successful, create your book of standards in time, don’t let your competitors overtake.

What is company‘s visual identity?

Visual indetity is a whole impression your firm or brand makes using your promotional products, corporate image, logo, typography, colors for print and electoronic media, website, advertisements etc. All above-mentioned factors are visual identity elements.

Every company or brand has it’s own visual identity, some firms neglect this aspect of business, while others use their brand and visual identity as a basic means of communication and differentiation among the competition.


Why is company’s visual identity important?

Visual identity is important as it affects recognizability of a brend or company, as well as preserving the image and company’s public reputation..

Company’s visual identity is made out of lot of elements, and to ensure proper usage of all of them, it needs to be consolidated into the book of graphic standards.


What is book of standards?

Book of standards is a detailed instruction for proper use of visual identity, and all the elements that are a part of company’s visual identity. Book of standards provides a way of standardizing all the elements of visual identity (logo, memorandum, pamphlet, typography, website, corporate image, adverisment material etc.) for easier use and production of above metioned elements.


What does book of standards contain?

Book of standards usually contains the following elements::

  • Logo and crest in full color
  • Logo and crest with reduced color (for use in situations where the technique of production doesn’t allow full color)
  • Regular and inverted logo and crest
  • Atypical viants of logo
  • Ways of applying the logo
  • Corporate colors (CMYK, RGB, PANTONE)
  • Ways and techniques of applzing the corporate colors
  • Defining tzpography (for print and electronic files)
  • Business cards
  • Company’s memorandum
  • Envelopes
  • Folders
  • Pamhplets
  • Electronic signature
  • Shirt branding
  • Vehicle branding
  • Office space branding
  • Description of applying the standards on a website
  • Etc.


Book of graphic standards must contain a detailed instructions for usage and production of above mentioned materials (promotional product, letters, etc.) Depending on company’s needs, we can create standards for additional elements of visual identity if needed.

All of the above mentioned book standard elements we deliver ready for printing.


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