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Answers to 10 frequently asked questions regarding website development
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In the 21st century world completely changed, the same way business has and it’s environment. Today, staff and employees are found, interviewed and hired over the internet. Customers are being targeted on the web and social networks that exist on the internet. People search for products and services on the internet. One can even buy a car over the internet, which was totally unimaginable 15 years ago. Internet has become a part of our everyday lives.

Is it sufficient to have any kind of website today?

Of course not, because today’s buyers want everything. They want to have complete information about products and services which they search for on the internet, as the key benefits of a certain purchase. Buyers want to find out other people’s experiences, which they search for on Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 40 billion webpages. Today’s buyers don’t want to pay one cent over the price they expect because they believe that they will get to information and prices of products and services they search for on the internet.

Webdesign and website production have to a certain point become a part of an obsolete concept. It is not nearly enough just to have a website, yet there are far important questions and problems that need to be addressed.

We are always tracking turbulent changes that are occuring in business, and we listen what are clients aks for and want to achieve. That way we have created a new approach which allows us to help our clients succeed on the internet.

We have carefully analyzed and studied all the problems our client confront on the internet, and most importantly, we have solved them all the in most efficient manner.

Find about 10 most frequently asked questions everyone faces when creating their own website.

Question no.1. What is the price of building a website?

When we have clear specifications of what need to be done on the website, only then we can give a precise price for creating one.

Answer: It is always better to agree on the website’s budget in the beginning, before starting a project.

 We can always tell you if your budget for creating a website is realistic. If you are on a short budget, we can offer a solution within the budget or focus and prioritize elements that will make your website more efficient and functional.

Our suggestion is to tell us what you budget is, and based on that information we will provide several solutions and offers.

Question no.2: Are the demands for creating a website clear and precisely defined?

Believe it or not, price for building a website can for some be pretty high, for many even unimaginable. Only the domains of some websites can be worth tens of millions of euros. That is why precisely defining the demands for creating a website must be a priority before signing a cooperation contract

Expenses can sometimes significantly rise due to, what seems at first, minor demands of a client. For example, there is a huge difference in editing and putting  300 photos on a website, opposed to 10, which some clients see as the same thing. Also, it is not the same thing if you have to add 10.000 car parts and 100 car parts into the website’s database.

Answer: all clients’ demands for creating a website must be precisely and clearly defined.

Questin no.3: Can the initial agreement made for the website change?

Frequently we came across problems regarding lack of understanding of how difficult it is to create or change some elements on the website that only looks like an easy task. For people who do not know what is web design and programming, everything is easy and can be done with a click of a button, even the website. Having learned by previous experience, we always accept clients’ demands, but warn them that these activities can rise the price of a website.

There are situations where client wants to update prices in their online catalogue which consists of 1000 products. That task can take even more than 20 hours, which certainly means that time spent for it’s realization has to be charged.

Answer Yes, initial agreement regarding website development can change if client demnds task that were not the part of initial agreement.

Question no.4: Do all of the demands and clients‘ wishes have to be defined by a contract?

Answer to this question doesn’t need any special explanation or argumentation. The simple asnwer is: yes.

Answer: yes,contract must contain the smallest details regarding the creation of a website.

Question no.5: Does a contract and its details have to limit us if we find a better solution for creating a website for the client?

Sometimes it seems that the first picked solution is not ideal solution for the client, and in that situation our duty is to inform the client about the possibilities and advantages of the new solution.

This change of plan usually affects the amount of time needed for creating a website, so in some situations it can be a stumbling block in further work with clients. Anyway, we provide the full insight, and are open for suggestions that are made for improving the details defined by contract.

Asnwer: No, contractual obligations and details don’t have to be a limiting factor in providing better solutions during the production of a website.

Question no.6: Can launching of your website become a mission impossible?

You created a website and want to put it on the internet. But, something unpredictable happened. Creator of the website is gone. Two months later he appears again. Four months later, and your project is still not finished. Six months later your project can be launched, but it’s still incomplete.

Answer: We don’t want your website to become a mission impossible. If we get the complete material we need for the website and if we precisely define demands for the project, we are never late. The key problem with project realization were clients who do not know what they want, and who think that creating a website is a skill that children can achieve.

Our key goal is to lauch your website as soon as possible as we all know that time is the only resource that we cannot turn back.


Question no.7: Can a website stay unfinished?

Your website is finished, but it’s not perfect. There are lot of errors that need to be fixed. Problems are never solved because your programmer is working on other, more important projects.

These things happen very often. However, this is not the case in our firm, because we make big endeavours to fulfill the demands and our clients’ wishes, sometimes even to our detriment.

Unfinished website can only be a result of our clients‘ inefficiency, financialy and organizationally.


Answer: Your website cannot and must not stay unfinished, and that can only be a result of your inefficiency or being late in delivering demanded material for the website.


Question no. 8: Your modern website was hacked. Is it possible?

Unfortunately it is. This happens most of the time when you don’t listen to our advice where the website should be hosted, and because sometimes a small saving financially is more important than server reliability.

We have witnessed how lot of websites in Serbia disappear from the internet for a day or two, because some “interventions” are being made by domestic internet providers (ISP – Internet Service Provider). Incredibly, these kind of things happen to all “providers” in Serbia.

We are convinced that there are internet providers who’s services are always active without any website downtimes. We use services by an american company GoDaddy, which had only one problem with their servers over the last 10 years, and it lasted for 3 hours. After resolving the issue, company refunded all their clients for financial loss caused by downtime of their websites.

Answer: Your website cannot and must not be hacked, especially today when there are ISP (internet service providers) that give you guarantees that your website will be up 24/7. It is very important that the ISP which is offering you hosting services, has a system for backing up data on a daily basis.

Questin no.9: Your once modern CMS came to an end of it’s existence?

It’s hard to avoid this subject, as many Serbian entrepreneurs think that a website they created today has to last for at least 5 or 6 years, so unfortunately, many of them disappear from the market because they don’t understand in times where turbulent changes happen due to IT development, internet and supporting services.

We believe that Serbian firms have to conduct serious analysis of new technologies and techniques for creating websites for every two years, based on which they have to redesign and adapt existing websites.

Answer: Yes, it is possible that once very modern and attractive solution for a website gets outdated after two years, and that one functional, your CMS today is ready for “recycling”. Do not attach to much to your websites, because it’s possible that become being less attractive and pretty tomorrow. It is very important that you always have a prepared plan and budget for upgrading and improving your website, as well as the mindset that this has to be done from time to time.

Question no10: When is my website going to appear on Google?

Do you really believe that it is so simple to create a website that is going to be visible with such a vast competition that is sometimes a couple of million web pages?

Your website’s visibility on Google search depends on many factors, and it is hard to be achieved in certain branches of economy. We see ourselves as experts in this area which is known as SEO or Website optimization for search engines.

The position of your website exclusively depends on array of activities that can be grouped as SEO. SEO or website optimization for internet search engines is a range of activities towards creating a position as good as possible for the website in Google’s organic search results.

Answer: Your website will become “visible” on Google when you realize that your website position cannot be achieved just by “waiting“, but serious commitment of a company that does this complex job.


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