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H Master

Innovative software

Discover an Innovated way of running your hospitality business
Adaptable bussines solution
Hotel business processes

H Master


All systems in one database
One platform for complete control
Intuitive, easy to use, with efficient workflows
Data integrity that ensures rock-solid compliance

H master
Hotel real time enterprise solution

H master is the single source and database for your hotel or hotel chain.

The most powerful hospitality technology is simple, accessible and reliable in encompassing all your hotel operations into an All-in-One platform solution.

H master unites the work of reception and other points of service, points of sale, production and warehouses, which simplifies and modernizes hotel operations.

The information system is organized in modules which cover various business processes, making it customizable to various types of hotels.

Future Websites and projects
Future projects / Announced projects
  • Redesign and website maintenance for the Halk Bank
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Restaurant Monument
    Restaurant Monument, well known brand in Serbia
  • sion-net
    Sion Net, seller IT equipment
  • Regrutuj me, portal for the recruitment of staff
  • The only movie theater on Montenegrin coastline

Latest projects
Latest works / All projects
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Toloflex printing
    Toloflex printing and packaging
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | 1001 online retailing of IT equipment
    Online retailing of IT equipment 1001
  • OIP, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Outsource Insurance Professionals
  • Handy Serbia, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Sale and distribution of IT equipment
  • Star Division, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Event Management, Switzerland
  • Web design Belgrade  | Website development | Studio 77 + | Service Octopus
    Facility Management Solutions
Latest posts / All posts
Interactive map development

Studio 77 has agreed to cooperate with the Tourism Organization of Belgrade to develop an interactive map based on the similar project in New York.

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Cooperation with Halk bank

Studio 77 has signed a agreement with Halk Bank from Belgrade, which refers to the maintenance, searh engine optimization, positioning and redesign of the website.

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