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SEO Website Optimization

SEO or website optimization for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) is a range of activities on website itself and on the internet, for the sake of improving the position of the website on search engline lists (e.g. for certain keywords and phrases. Thousands and thousands of key words and phrases linked to your business are searched for every day on Google and other search engines.

SEO or optimization is essential for every company on the internet. Website that lacks Google optimisation can hardly get to the search results’ first page. Lot of researches suggest that 50% of internet users search for and looks only at the fist page of Google’s internet search results. That means that the priority for every company wishing to make a profit on the internet shoud make the optimization of their website a priority.

Website that is poorly optimized and badly positioned on Google is totally irrelevant.

How is SEO implemented?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is done by implementing certain Google standards, using a specific techniques build up by years of work and experience.

Optimizing website for SEO is done in two ways:

  1. Internal optimization (on-page optimization) – setting keywords and phrases in specific parts of the website
  2. External optimization (expert websites or portals. Having as much external links as possible, from websites with similar content, keywords, phrases and high Page Rank)

What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank (PR) is Google’s way of evaluating website quality based on certain algorythm and it has a signifficant effect on Google search result positioning.

Google’s ranking algorythm is analysing in detail over 200 factors, based on which it puts them on corresponding position in search result pages.

How SEO affects business?

Precise, quality and professionaly implemented webiste optimization brings accurately targeted visitiors to your doorstep.

Lot of companies selling goods or services make a huge mistake thinking that people can type in the name of their company in google search bar and find them this way very easily. Customers and buyers that are alredy familiar with your brand are very important for the business, but the internet offers you the possibility to attract ones that have never heard about you or search the internet for a product or service that you offer.

Is it necessary to optimize a website if a company has lurge funds for investing in advertisment and promotions?

Of course not. You don’t need to optimize your website if you are Google, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Mercedes, Amazon etc. These companies invest billions of US dollars in brandingso they do not need to optmize their website.

Visit us, describe the features of your market, potential buyer and customer, and we will bring them to your business’ doorstep.

Can you stop SEO?

It’s wrong to think that your website will retain it’s position on the first page of Google search once it gains that status. Website optimisation is a process that requires continuous work and regular adjustments according to new standards set by Google and other search engines.

This process should never be discontinued.

Can SEO damage your business?

No, SEO cannot damage your business or website. It can only improve your website position on the internet and increse your turnover and profit.


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