How to be the first on Google?

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How to be the first on Google?
Kako biti prvi na Googlu | Web dizajn Beograd

Want to be first on Google, but don’t know how? You are in the right place, because Studio 77 has done it several hundred times for clients in the Serbian and foreign markets.

To understand how complicated the process of positioning a website on the first page of Google’s organic search is, you must first understand what Google really is. Follow us patiently.

Which of our customers are on the first page or in the first place of Google search?

Studio 77 has dozens of clients in Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries, whose sites are the first on Google. Clients such as Rent a car DeltaRentGlass serviceHIT AUTOKryogas, , , , , , , , , , and many others are on the first pages and places of Google search for several hundred, and very often for several thousand input keywords. However, this is not easy and is not possible for all keywords. How can you be the first on Google?

How to get to the first place on Google?

Want to be in the first position of organic search on Google, but don’t know how? You are in the right place, because our agency has done it several hundred times so far.

Do you really know what Google is?

Have you ever wondered how Google manages to list search results from a database containing over 50 billion web pages in less than a second?

Figure 1 best illustrates how Google works. The picture clearly shows that Google is made up of more than 450,000 networked computers that receive database search requests.

Based on Figure 1, it is clear that Google can greatly influence the profitability of online companies. By displaying web pages that are in its database, and which it ranks on the basis of a defined algorithm and system, Google is one of the most important factors in today’s e-business.

Google, just like Bing, MSN or Yahoo are Internet search engines. Search Engines are automated tools, ie websites, which enable searching the Internet on the basis of their own database, which contains a large number of registered websites and pages.

Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) are the primary method of finding information about certain products, services, companies and other terms and words that are stored in the search engine database. A survey conducted by found that more than 90% of online users use one of the Internet search engines as their primary source for gathering information.

Google is one of the leaders in the global IT industry. This company is the most widely used Internet search engine in the world, and its popularity is confirmed by the fact that in the United States, the name of this company is used to make the verb "google". Google appeared in 1998, and was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of the famous American Stanford University (USA). They patented the idea of ​​ranking websites that is based on the popularity and importance of each one.

There is almost no word, term or term that cannot be found on Google. Google is the most represented and most used Internet search engine, which daily searches the websites located on this electronic network, indexes them in its database, calculates their popularity and assigns a certain position (see Figure 1).


Figure 1. How does Google work?

Kako biti prvi na Googlu?


How does Google work?

The first and most important information you should know is that Google is not the same as the Internet, because if your website is not on Google it does not mean that it is not on the Internet. Google, like all other Internet search engines, has its own algorithm on the basis of which it forms the results of organic search.

Google has identified over 200 factors that affect the ranking and position of websites that are in its database. According to a report by an online agency that estimates the number of indexed websites on Internet and web browsers (, more than 50 billion websites are active on Google today.

The way Google and other Internet search engines display search results is as follows: Google has automated computer systems that run constantly and randomly visit websites on the Internet, perform analyzes of each page, and store them in their database. Such automated systems are called bots (short for robots). Google bots analyze textual content as well as other content on a web page (photos, videos, audio files, etc.). In order to determine the specific theme of the page, Google uses the collected data and determines which keywords are relevant to each of the sites.

So, the basic goal of Google is to collect data from all sites on the Internet through automated software or bots, and to show the most relevant content to an online visitor looking for certain keywords. In other words, Google uses a specific algorithm to dynamically determine which website on the Internet is most relevant to a particular keyword or phrase and displays it first. It then displays the second most relevant page and so on. The resulting list of websites is known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Now you’re probably wondering why your website isn’t ranked high on Google? How do I position my site on Google?

First, you need to make sure that Google has indexed your site. To find out if it is, enter the site: in the Google search box, replacing with your actual domain name. If you see a list of pages on your website, Google has already indexed the site and will continue to visit it from time to time to check if you are updating the content on the site. If your website is not in the search results, then you need to submit to the Google database via this link: If you don’t know other solutions, it takes 1 or 2 weeks for Google to visit and index your site. Sites that we position on Google appear on Google within 48 hours.

Second, remember that Google will only show websites that are relevant to the particular keyword being searched. The first step to verifying that the content of your website is related to a particular keyword is to check the relevancy of that keyword against the standards set by Google. If the content of a website isn’t relevant to a particular keyword, chances are Google will show it when someone searches for it.

Third, the fact that your website does not appear on the first page does not mean that it does not appear at all in search results. Your website can be on pages 6, 7, 10, 77 or somewhere in between.


How do you position your website in the first place on Google?

Great question. The entire Google industry is designed so that everyone is looking for an answer to this question and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually in search of the right solution.

The basic questions you should ask yourself are: do you really understand how serious business on the Internet is? Are you really capable of serious market competition on the Internet if you have invested 300 euros in the development of a website, and you are ready to invest that much more in positioning the website? Is investing in a template WordPress site enough to make a successful business on the Internet? Do you know that today in Serbia or anywhere in the world, you can’t open a stall at a flea market if you don’t have at least 10,000 euros to invest? Based on an investment of a few hundred euros, do you want to get to the first page or place of Google search?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The good news is that there are two main ways to get your site displayed on the first page of Google:

You can pay to be on the first page of Google and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. This type of advertising is called Google Ads and these are paid Google ads.
You can take a number of actions to rank your website "organically" without paying for a Google Ads campaign
The Google Ads campaign allows you to be on the first page of Google in a relatively short time. Payment is usually made per click. The performance of your campaign depends on the optimization of Google Ads and the cost-per-click you bid. For most companies, this is the cheapest and easiest way to get to the first page of Google. However, even this type of advertising can be very expensive if the company being advertised belongs to areas of business in which many competitors advertise in this way. The most important thing here is to hire a professional or agency who knows what they are doing.

What does it take to position a website in the first place of organic search on Google?

To begin with, you need serious knowledge and experience related to SEO, which means that you must hire a professional who deals with SEO services. Position number 1 on the first page of organic Google search can be achieved by careful planning and long-term optimization of many factors that Google considers important.

Ne postoji nijedno precizno uputstvo ili knjiga koja objašnjava i identifikuje faktore koji se nalaze u algoritmu Google-a, na osnovu kojeg se prikazuju rezultati organske pretrage. Znanje koje imamo vezano za SEO isključivo je rezultat dugogodišnjeg iskustva, znanja i empirijskog istraživanja.

An example of website positioning shows that it is possible to position a particular site in the first place of organic search even in a relatively short time. We must mention that this is something that is not achieved every day and that such results can only be achieved if you have more than 20 years of experience in SEO activities and exclusively in areas where online competition is not great.

In order to successfully position a particular website in the first place or Google search page (eg,, https: //www.rentacarbeograd. rs, https://www.fahrschulezurich77.ch etc.) it is necessary to look at a bunch of important SEO factors, the most important of which are:

• Keyword density
• Relevance of website content to specific keywords
• Quality and length of content on the pages of your site
• Quality and number of internal links
• Quality responsive site design
• The speed of loading the website on computers and especially on mobile devices
• Minimize scripts and files
• Domain authority and age
• SSL quality
• "Search engine friendly URL"
• Quality and number of external links to the site
• YES and PA external links and pages to the site
• Proper redirection of pages to the appropriate domain
• Availability and activity on social networks
• Quality and location of the hosting server

In any case, the best solution is to hire professionals who deal with SEO services. Many times we have pictorially explained to clients that it is not enough to give a non-professional person for a certain job tools and instructions on how to do something. Imagine that a dentist (dentist) "lends or presents" you his office and the tools he uses tomorrow and says "please take out and fix people’s teeth".

Then why do you think SEO and website positioning on Google are activities that you can do on your own even though you are unprofessional?

Studio 77 offers a guaranteed website positioning service on Google, and you can read more about it here: Guaranteed website positioning on Google.


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