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Have you ever received an offer for printing pamphlets that you couldn’t refuse? E.g. single-colored pamphlets size A6, 2000 for 15 euros, or pamhplet for 1 euro cent? Let’s assume that you have in one occasion even bought  couple of thousands of pamhplets for 10 to 20 euros. Do you really believe that these cheep pamhplets would be efficient in improving your business?

Price for a good graphic solution (design) of a pamhplet can sometimes be even a couple of hundreds of euros. We have worked for clients that payed pamhplet design 150 to 300 euros. Not all of our clients invested the same amount for this purpose. We just want to avoid clients which do not know if they shoud “invest” 10 or 20 euros for pamhplets.

Therefore, we kindly ask everyone who believe that “investing” 20 euros into printing couple of thousand badly designed pamphlets will improve their business, to find another agency.

Visual identity is very important for every company, because it’s something a firm connects and relates to, and it’s something business partners and clients often see and notice. Logo and pamphlet of any size can be made in an hour or two, but their value would not be good, and their effect would be really poor.

Our pamphlets make money.

Who are our clients?

As far as graphic design and pamphlets, our clients come from all economy branches and businesses.

We worked for restaurants, car dealers, sport centers, sporting stores, car repair shops and services centers, retailers, actors etc. Beside the fact that graphic design is not our speciality, our solutions were more than good enough even for largest worldwide franchises eg. Pizza Hut Cyprus

Our guarantees

What kind of guarantees do we give before signing a contract with our clients?

We are always ready to give guarantees via contract which confirm that the clients is not in obligation to settle their financial obligations if they are not satisfied with any of the phases of project realisation.

If the client is not satisfied with our service, we do not charge our work time and refund the advanced payment made by the client.


Our clients
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