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Our thoughts about web design

We often get asked how modern website design looks like. Our answer is very simple: design solutions always change and improve, and just when you think you have completed your website that you would never have to change again, a few more modern websites will appear among your competition and they will surprise you.


Our design and website solutions are recognisable and unique. We always strive to follow design trends and new website developing technologies. We rarely use finished website solutions (templates) and CMS applications that are preprogrammed.

Studio77+ usually works for clients that want to differentiate themselves and who realize what it means to live in this information society .


Therefore, if you wish to be unique and believe that your website design should represent your strenght and business potential, Studio 77+ is the right choice.

Quality of our services

Quality of our services has always been at a high level and tailored for the needs and desires of our clients.

All web apps that we have made so far have been completely customized to our clients’ needs and wishes both visually and businesswise. It should be pointed out that we see the Internet as a maket, not only as means of communication and as information medium.

Thanks to this approach, all web applications and web sites that we have built for our clients are profitable in the online environment and that is the most valuable indicator of our work. Web design is an important part of a presentation and for promoting your services online. However, web design means nothing if it is not profitable, and bringing money to your company.

Therefore, a good web site is only the one that brings money.

Our guarantee

What kind of guarantees do we provide for our clients before signing a contract?

We are always ready to provide a guarantee by contract regarding all aspects of creating a web site, quality positioning on search engines, and increase in overturn and profit for our client. We guarantee that your company and business will improve as a result of our expert staff working on design, creation and positioning of your web site.

If a client is not happy with our service, we do not charge our time spent on a project or we return the down payment.



A visitor who first checked our price list is not our client.

Price for a web site can clearly vary from really amount of money to couple of thousand, even over ten thousand euros. For that reason we believe that clients’ desires and needs are the only factor for generating a price for building their website.

Therefore, we do not have a unique price list, because every website is specifically designed in a particular manner. The price may vary based on multiple factors: number of pages, the amount of data, type of platform (static or dynamic), graphics (editing), photo shoot, database, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and positioning, CMS (content management system) etc.

If you think you can generate money from your business by designing a 100 or a 200-euro website, we will build your website for free out of curiosity and desire to hear all the details of your business plan and “learn” something from you.


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