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Services pricelist

Does the agency Studio 77+ have a price list?

Of course that our agency has a price list for all services that we offer.  However, we always insist that the agreed price come through negotiations and through direct communication with the client, because that is the only way "we can look you in the eye."

Jobs can be agreed via Internet for sure, but our long experience has taught  that in Serbia, business is on the higher level , cooperation is better with clients when we saw them and with whom we drinking  coffee.

Based on our many years of experience in various fields of business and industry, we realize that all those to whom one’s price list of services are more important than the characteristics of services, quality of service, honest and fair business relationships, working methods, the ways in which control and measure results of the service provided and service delivery, not the clients with whom we want to do.

Come to us, meet us and give us a chance to improve your job and business.


We’ll talk about the prices of our services  when you believe in our services.


Does Web Site may cost 100 €?

It would be incredible that anyone can believe that a quality website can do for 100€ . For that amount you can only get template Web Site on which was spent 2-3 working hours for his development. Working hour programmers in the world is from 30 to 150 euros. In Serbia, the hourly rate of programmer’s ranges is from 5 to 50 euros. The price of services of graphic designers usually varies from 10 to 50 euros per hour. The cheapest hosting service is around 20 euros annually. The price of renting a domain is around 10 euros for a period of one year.

 If we consider all above facts, and if you say that a good quality website depends not only from programmers, but also from the designer, would you actually paid for development of website 100 euros?

Google comes to your door?

One in the series of nonsense on the Serbian market...

Unfortunately, it is a nonsense in which many fall for. Many times we had the opportunity to visit companies and individuals on whose door  knocked Google experts. As the main proof that it actually happened, we encounter on explanation that " man from the Google left his business card on which is written the address of the website or perhaps".

Google anywhere in the world, even in Serbia will not knock on your door. Google have a different way to "deals" with you. This company provides an opportunity to all individuals and professionals who know how to manage certain services, such as AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool - to do the job with or without prior take the certain exams and gaining Google certifications.

We think that we are professionals who have served more than 150 users of Google’s service that we provide.

On this basis, we can tell you and to warn you - be careful when „Google" knock on your door!


Professional photography - 5 € / piece

The equipment that we use when we photographing a client space, production processes, services, products, food and other costs over 5.000 euros.

Do you still believe that it is possible to get high-quality professional photography for 5 euros price per piece?

Of course, this is not possible.

We are explaining to customers a countless number of times that high quality images are a mirror of their business and that, as such mast found on their website. Customers who have realized the right way mainly still working successfully, and all those who have "taken off" the image from the Internet mainly do business with losses, and many of them do not exist.

Prices of our services?

Everything that we mentioned above brings us to an important conclusion - good service and good price is the one that allowed you to earn more money. Price of our service is excellent and inexpensive, come and see it.


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