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In addition to the choice of necessary functionality, it is possible to enter custom settings to create a large number of bars, points of sale and kitchens.


Easy to Use ("three" clicks to "happy customer")

1 Every waiter has his own
private password or key
2 Orders can be
driven by table or guest
3 Visual user friendly working interface

R master is suitable for work with all types of touchscreen devices. Sistem supports Windows and Android platforms
• POS sistems
• Touch Monitors
• Mobile devices (phone or tablet)
• PDA devices


(no PLU codes to remember)
• No typos / time saving
• Optimization of staff / less employees
• "three clicks" performance
• "three minutes" staff training


• Split graphical floor plan by your needs
• Waiter availability
• Supports multiple floor plans


• Keep better visibility
• Accelerate business
• Better organization
• Visibly mark occupied tables
• Visibly mark reserved tables


• Transparency
• Upload item images
• Create group and subgroups items
• Norm defining
• Personal identification
• Loyalty
• Menu management
• Union / Disunion tables by orders, item or guest


• No waiters walking, saving time, increasing customer turnover
• Orders are stored quickly, higher capacity in the kitchen
• Transparency of all orders in the kitchen
• No mistakes in communication waiter-kitchen, lower write-off, saving money
• Better organization in the kitchen and acceleration of your business
• Each chef gets his/her slip with the part of his orders, faster operation, higher earnings
• Central management of orders by the chef, better organization, higher capacity, higher earnings


The graphic display of the restaurant and table layout, intuitive icons, recognizable images of items, recording of different payment methods and printing separate orders for bar and kitchen, guarantees precise and fast work.


• More payment terms (cards, cash...)
• Waiter sale via graphics can easily find hundreds and debt
• Receipt issued in 3 clicks
• The possibility of collective invoice and per guest
• Possibility of payment and per guest invoice


• Better service for guests
• Facilitated work of the waiters and the possibility of error is reduced
• Fast billing, increased traffic


The number of retailers supporting loyalty programs are growing tremendously every year, but some programs are setting the bar higher for the rest of the hospitality industry.

Through innovation, generosity, and overall effectiveness, your brands are driving customer loyalty through the roof by offering fantastic ways to reward and say thank you to your customers.

Everybody likes your good value and reward for giving you regular business. Loyalty solution delivers flexible, customizable, reward and bonus programs.

This powerful system has been designed for easy use.

Show your clients and customers that you care.


• Bond with guests
• Keep the guests who come to you by giving them various benefits and do not let them go
• Encourage guests to come more often to you
• Let your guests advertise and recommend for convenience
• Increase profits through the return of regular guests
• E mail marketing brings you a return of the old client and sends the message that you care about your guests
• Increase your profit up to 50% with loyalty module


• Automatic control of employees, working hours and shifts
• Precise counting of employees salary, by working hour fee
• Real time monitoring of employees productivity
• Categorize employees by division or category
• Make right employee shifts according to statistics and analysis
• Control employees pause, break, non working days or holidays
• Rise up employees productivity with right planing up to 75%

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