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• Order import (ordering goods)
• Pricing control
• Stock monitoring
• Print delivery (dispatch paper)
• Inventory status
• Stock take lists
• Receivables payables
• Stock replenishment vs production demand


• Prevent unauthorized manipulation of goods
• Stock monitor (accessible via telephone, tablet or notebook)
• Stock value
• The ease and speed of management
• Notifier - You will never run out of goods (the software will notify you when any item of the inventory is reduced to a minimum)
• Increase your revenue up to 50% with right controlling


• Records of raw materials in the production
• Stock control of semi products
• Records of planned production


• Faster and easier procurement planning
• Safer and better production
• Secured production with on time ordering
• Accurate resource planing according to production needs


• Management of distributed networks
• Online monitoring of the chain activities from central office
• Planning and gathering orders
• Marketing actions support and special offers
• Online consolidated financial and administrative reporting
• Centralized wages and personnel management
• Detailed information about any restaurant from the chain
• Comparative analysis of financial performance
• Mutual settlement and warehouse
• Centralized procurements of products
• Comparative analysis of procurements and sales
• Single nomenclature, menu and recipes

Future Websites and projects
Future projects / Announced projects
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Restaurant Monument
    Restaurant Monument, well known brand in Serbia
  • sion-net
    Sion Net, seller IT equipment
  • Regrutuj me, portal for the recruitment of staff
  • The only movie theater on Montenegrin coastline

Latest projects
Latest works / All projects
  • OIP, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Outsource Insurance Professionals
  • Handy Serbia, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Sale and distribution of IT equipment
  • Star Division, web design | Studio 77 +, Belgrade
    Event Management, Switzerland
  • Web design Belgrade  | Website development | Studio 77 + | Service Octopus
    Facility Management Solutions
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Ecoaqua aquariums
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Restaurant Boutique
    Restaurant Boutiqze, most famous trendy restaurant in Belgrade
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