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Integrate H master with an online reservation system, so all reservations are forwarded at the time of creation.

For multi-owner aparthotels and serviced apartments operators, there is also a web application which enables owners to control availability for their properties.


In addition to the choice of necessary functionality, it is possible to enter custom settings to create necessary hotel division by building or floor, large number of restaurants, bars, clubs, laundry, parking etc. and to define different configurations for each point of sale.


Auto reservation posting from online services (booking.com, hotels…)
Room capacities distribution between many customers
Free room category schematics throughout regional events
Agent reservation posting and revenue analysis
Graphic presentation of room occupancy by day, week, month…
Fast queries for free hotel capacities
Quick analysis of room availability
Loyalty special offers and discounts
Sales and revenue forecast analysis


• Check in for guests with reservations
• Quick and flexible group check in
• Automatic posting & calculation of country specific VAT, city taxes and insurance
• Auto posting of minibar, restaurant, laundry and other extra services
• Bill info
• Bill on demand
• Bill splitting
• Bill adjusting on guest demand
• Corporate invoices
• Loyalty tracking of guest birthdays, weddings and checkout acknowledgements


Accurate display of free capacity in any time
Fast agent provision calculation
Accurate revenue and occupancy forecast
Stop overbooking and unhappy guests
Complete control of capacity
Fast check in for walk in guests


H master system supports the management of unlimited number of warehouses, calculations, work with various types of items and services.

With supplies monitoring and the existence of records of all activities, it is possible to review current stock, item stock cards, stock supplies at a given date, as well as the turnover of every warehouse separately at any moment.


H master enables an overview of data structure and produces reports about operations of all sectors within a hotel at any time.

Numerous reports and statistics can be produced, as well as analyses of business operations that help hotel managers make right decisions.


• In house lists
• Room reports
• Police reports
• Manager reports
• Forecast report
• City tax and insurance lists
• VAT reports by tax groups
• Statistical country specific reports
• Agency provisions
• Agent performance and productivity
• Loyalty reports
• KPI analysis based on entered planned budget


Thanks to the PBX module, all calls from rooms will be automatically recorded and posted at the guest's expense.

The software supports work with many PBX manufacturers and can be extended to support other models as well. It is also possible to integrate H master with the system of locks with card keys. During guest registration, the software will program a card key to be valid for the period of the guest’s stay.

Also, these cards can be used for payment of all additional hotel services. All services which a quest has used by means of this card will be charged at the reception when the guest leaves the hotel.


PBX activity from rooms and other positions
Hotel Multimedia connection: welcome greetings, bill on demand…
PayTV bill posting
Internet charges
Fast and accurate reporting on all hotel activities at any time
Parking charges
Rent a car service

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