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• Order import (ordering goods)
• Pricing control
• Stock monitoring
• Print delivery (dispatch paper)
• Inventory status
• Stock take lists
• Receivables payables
• Stock replenishment vs production demand


• Prevent unauthorized manipulation of goods
• Stock monitor (accessible via telephone, tablet or notebook)
• Stock value
• The ease and speed of management
• Notifier - You will never run out of goods (the software will notify you when any item of the inventory is reduced to a minimum)
• Increase your revenue up to 50% with right controlling


• Management of distributed networks
• Online monitoring of the chain activities from central office
• Planning and gathering orders
• Marketing actions support and special offers
• Online consolidated financial and administrative reporting
• Centralized wages and personnel management
• Detailed information about any restaurant from the chain
• Comparative analysis of financial performance
• Mutual settlement and warehouse
• Centralized procurements of products
• Comparative analysis of procurements and sales
• Single nomenclature, menu and recipes

Future Websites and projects
Future projects / Announced projects
  • Redesign and website maintenance for the Halk Bank
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | Restaurant Monument
    Restaurant Monument, well known brand in Serbia
  • sion-net
    Sion Net, seller IT equipment
  • Regrutuj me, portal for the recruitment of staff
  • The only movie theater on Montenegrin coastline

Latest projects
Latest works / All projects
  • Graphic design Belgrade, Beauty Salon Kala: Studio 77
    Beauty salon Kala
  • Graphic design Belgrade, Lollita kids fashion: Studio 77, Serbia
    Manufacturing of luxury kid’s clothing
  • Graphic deisgn Belgrade | Studio 77 | Deblokt programming
    Computer Science and Programming
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 | Toloflex printing
    Toloflex printing and packaging
  • Web design Belgrade | Studio 77 + | 1001 online retailing of IT equipment
    Online retailing of IT equipment 1001
  • New Auto Line’s website
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Michael E. Porter in Belgrade, Business event of decade

We are proud to present future Balkan Business Forum with Professor Michael E. Porter as keynote speaker. The region’s largest gathering of copmanies and business minded professionals will be held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2019.

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Website development for the World famous pianist

To our great satisfaction, Studio 77 soon completes the creation of a new website for Ivo Pogorelic, the most famous and prominent Croatian pianist in the world.

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